We help startups raise funding
from the leading VCs in 9 weeks or less
Limpid is a platform that streamlines fundraising process
by making it transparent, data-driven, and unbiased.
Get funded!
In a nutshell...
We are a team of entrepreneurs and investors who came together to change the ways startups raise capital. For decades fundraising looked like a black box – the process lacked transparency which resulted in inefficiency and biased decisions.
We use data to turn fundraising black box into a glassbox. We analyze key metrics of startup performance on a weekly basis. Companies that demonstrate traction are introduced to leading VC funds and angel investors within our network.
With Limpid founders can focus on growing their businesses instead of pitching 24/7. We save time for both investors and founders and make the entire process more efficient, transparent and unbiased.

You network. You pitch. Then you wait and guess.
And do it all over again.
Here's an alternative for you:
Register on Limpid
Tell us about your startup to show where you are now (registration takes less than 20 minutes)
Show your traction
Submit weekly updates on your traction (we ask just 6 questions on key startup metrics)
Receive intros to leading VCs
Your progress reports are delivered to the leading VC funds on a weekly basis.
By Week 9 – you will get YES or NO from all our partners.