Startup fundraising
driven by data, not bias.
What is
Limpid is a platform that streamlines fundraising process by making it transparent, data-driven, and unbiased.

New era of startup fundraising with Limpid.
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In a nutshell
Startup fundraising driven by data, not bias.
We are a team of entrepreneurs and investors who came together to change the ways startups raise capital. For decades fundraising looked like a black box – the process lacked transparency which resulted in inefficiency and biased decisions.
We use data and AI to turn fundraising black box into a glassbox. Limpid platform analyzes key metrics of startup performance on a weekly basis. Companies that demonstrate traction are introduced to our investment partners – leading VC funds and angel investors. You get "yes" or "no" in 9 weeks or less.
With Limpid founders can focus on growing their businesses instead of pitching 24/7. Investors get instant access to a pipeline of startups with a proven track record. The entire venture capital industry becomes more efficient, transparent and unbiased. Win. Win. Win.
Benefits for startups
You network. You pitch. Then you wait and guess. And do it all over again. Here's an alternative for you:
Tell us about your startup to show where you are now
Submit weekly updates on your traction (takes <15 minutes)
Receive connections to leading VCs who are interested in talking to you
Benefits for investors
You hear dozens of pitches every week. Some more polished than others. But it's about where the company is right now rather then how quickly it can move and grow.
Become our investment partner to get access to a curated pipeline of startups
"Follow" companies that interest you and monitor their traction on a weekly basis
Streamline your deal flow – contact founders when you are interested
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